a drug development consulting service

Experts in the preclinical (nonclinical) development of drugs/ biotechnology products, medical devices and industrial chemicals

Having a great idea or molecule does not necessarily mean that it will find its way into clinical development and finally onto the market. Without expert support, the path through preclinical development may present insurmountable hurdles and unratable risks.

We are an established provider of preclinical consultancy services. Our portfolio of services covers all aspects of the preclinical phase of drug and medical device development, from the scientific evaluation and selection of candidate compounds, through the planning and execution of entire preclinical development programs, to the support of regulatory interactions. Our primary focus is a partnership with our clients and the delivery of highest scientific quality, without ever losing sight of the big picture and economic conditions.

Our clients are academic labs, start-ups, small- and mid-size pharmaceutical  and biotechnology companies, venture capital organizations and investors who seek expert advice in the early development of drugs and medical devices. These clients benefit from our experience that we gained from supporting hundreds of different molecules in preclinical development. Our experience includes food additives, industrial chemicals, small molecules and biotechnology-derived drugs, vaccines, medical devices and drug-device combinations, all developed in a broad range of clinical indications. 

Our services support the development of drugs, medical devices and industrial chemicals throughout the entire life cycle.